Prem Sena

Prem Sena (love army) is musical side of Dr Sunny Sandhu. Learned classical Indian music from Ustad Asad Ali Khan in Delhi . He is a singer , songwriter and plays the guitar. He is A holistic doctor , Meditation teacher and environmentalist as well .
Recently performed and conducted meditation retreat at villa lena, tuscany in August 2015.
He performs and conducts workshops in schools of Punjab to raise awareness on environmental issues .
He performs in festivals in goa , India connected to alternative medicine and environmental issues.
He has worked and performed with various artists like Estha Divine , Vanessa Harvey ,Da Saz , Martin Rahn, Johanz westernmann, Dj San , Ranjit the Ambassadors, the Bhaktas etc
He worked on background score of a hit French play Un Dinner Adieu with Benjamin Murat .
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