Grayssoker + Jack Moves (CA) @La Zonmé

Grayssoker + Jack Moves (CA) @La Zonmé
Mercredi 13 décembre – 20h
Entrée Gratuite

Grayssoker (Métal/Électro)

Grayssoker c’est l’histoire de deux potes qui ne se sont jamais quittés depuis le lycée : Clément Palomba, qui pendant sa crise d’ado non révolue, a commencé à jouer du métal avec son accordéon en trafiquant le son avec des pédales d’effets, ce qui donna naissance à l’accordéon électrique; et Pierre Corre, qui après de longues années à jouer du métal en défonçant sa batterie dans son garage, s’est ouvert au jazz et à l’harmonie.
Grayssoker est une puissante fusion de métal, de rock, d’électro, et de musique expérimentale.

JACK MOVES (Live Looping, Beatboxing)

Jack Moves got his start in late 2014. A Member of Toronto metal groups Godstopper and Ayahuasca and a former member of hardcore act Column of Heaven, he had grown tired of working within the limits of heavy music, and so decided to strike out on his own. Inspired by live looping performances of Reggie Watts, Jack started busking at the corner of Queen and Spadina in downtown Toronto. As a one-man band with a captivating and crowd-pleasing live show, he quickly started playing a wide variety of venues, from clubs to parties to tatto shops to Portuguese restaurants; sharing the stage with hip hop artists, electronic producers (he is the host and DJ for the monthly concert series “Frequencies”), metal and post-hardcore bands, and many others.
With his first EP, I Go to Work, Jack distilled his live show, wich involves him creating almost all of the music live, using just his voice and a looping pedal. In that spirit, it’s important to note that everything one hears on that album was created by his voice. The album is also an excellent showcase of his MCing skills. Jack did his first mini tour in April 2016, and then his first full east coast tour in September of that year.
Before 2017 comes to a close, Jack will have racked up two more east coast tours (in June with Garbageface; and in October), and two European jaunts as well; the first in April/May, and the second in November/December, crossing over just shy of a dozen countries all told. Not to mention two EPs, I Been Working and an upcoming as-yet-untitled release; and a revamped Youtube channel, with new videos showcasing his talent released each week.